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  • SafeID

    SafeID V-Health Passport™ is a secure global mobile solution built on mature technology that is already having an impact on the COVID pandemic. SafeID V-Health Passport™ provides a digital chain of evidence that connects an individual to their test or vaccination status. This status can then be shared from a safe distance in a GDPR compliant manner either by using a free smartphone app or by carrying a scannable code.
    The platform also features ‘True Contact™’, a fully automated contact tracing system based on a users interactions with other V-Health Passports or a venue without the need to track userslocation.
    The V-Health Platform™ is test and vaccination agnostic and can work with all testing regimes, including PCR, LAMP, rapid antigen and antibody tests for Covid-19 and is already setup to manage vaccination programmes.
    The V-Health Platform™ and accompanying apps are free to use.
    V-Health™ - a simple to use I.D system accessible to all on their smart phone or print off lanyard/certificate.

  • V Passport

    V-pass is the only technology today that provides a dynamic code that can be interpreted and read without compromising data or exposing individuals.
    Quite simply, no other technology in the world today can do that.
    It offers pinpoint accuracy, and its dynamic code allows for constant improvement to algorithms on an hourly basis.
    Beyond the immediate challenges of Covid, V technology can be used in a variety of powerful ways from securing voting ballots to helping schools beter protect students.
    The applications of Vcode are as unlimited as the combinations of its unique coding system. It is a completely new standard, and an incredible opportunity to help maintain normalcy with what will be an imminent and long-term threat.

    When it comes to vaccination verificaton, it is critical that any technology used needs to be able to work offline as well. Vcode can easily be printed and added to boarding passes and luggage tags to ensure availibility and access to everyone.

  • The new normal

    The Coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our worlds, and not just in the short-term. Outside of healthcare—where heroes dressed in gowns are battling on the front lines—few industries have been hit like travel. Across the board travel bookings are down by over 95%, and staff are working very hard to help travelers and admins. However, the scale of the problem cannot be ignored; entire nations have been ordered to stay at home, airlines have gone bankrupt, travel companies are laying off massive amounts of workers, and hotels are now hospitals. When things do start to return to “normal”, travel, especially international travel, will look very different and society will be required to introduce and enforce new technologies to protect the industry and its customers in the future.